Hula debs

Created on a debian testing machine, should work on most installs since it doesn't really rely on much. Feel free to e-mail me with any problems with these packages; in particular, don't bug debian and/or the hula project.

Distros these debs work on

I use Debian testing and Ubuntu hoary for development and testing, so these should always work. They have worked on Ubuntu warty, and should work on Debian stable.

Things to know:

If you are an Ubuntu user: please note that there are different Hula debs available in Ubuntu Universe: they are packaged quite differently to these, and you may want to use them. These packages are often more up-to-date, though, and if you choose to use these please make sure that you haven't accidentally installed the Ubuntu debs alongside: it shouldn't be possible, but could happen.

Please read /usr/share/doc/hula/README.Debian if you have trouble, that always contains up-to-date instructions. The package changelog may also be of interest to those upgrading.

Getting Hula

You can now setup apt to automatically retrieve new versions of hula for you, by placing the following in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb debs/

Or, you can download the deb file directly from here. If you would like to make your own packages, you can use my debian directory to do it. It works in a clean svn checkout, but please don't use this unless you do know what you're doing.

Common Problems